dimanche 5 juillet 2015

# Update \o/


Hi, lot of works ! ;) 

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On the day of the apocalypse, find a giant Robot.

One of the smartest movie ever made, Inside Out.
I'm sure lot of people may find themselves in this situation

Magnetoad, 2nd machup from Sketch_dailies series

Half Owl, Half Thor, 100% badass

Furiosa From MadMax Fury Road

Do i really have to explain this one ? ;)

"Fugitive" character from Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Another Mercury, MadMax style

"Mercury" character. Originally from Nicolas Bannister

Another Dead Space alternative,
this time machup with necroBig Sister
from Bioshock 2

Alternative (female) and injured version of Isaac Clarke from Dead Space saga

have a good day !